TAGX was created as a cryptocurrency, used within Tagcash for rewards and for payment of services within tagcash ecosystem.


  • Merchant Fees from user to merchant wallet is 2% of payment. Half of this can be paid using equivalent value in TAGX.
  • Used as payment method within Tag Learn application, offering 100,000 IT video tutorials from vtc.com at 1 TAGX per video lesson.
  • Rewards for user actions within the Tagcash Wallet
  • Payment by merchants for each Bill Payment made in Tagcash Wallet
  • Creation of own currency or adding of external cryptocurrency into Tagcash
  • Coupon Redemption fees in Loyalty Section of Tagcash .
  • Loyalty Stamp payment in Tagcash.
  • Creation of Red Envelopes in Loyalty Section.
  • Advertising, rewards and prize options in Tagcash Games.

TAGX was created as a cryptocurrency using Stellar Blockchain, and can be transferred back and forth between the Tagcash Wallet and any external Stellar wallet. TAGX can also be traded via various decentralized exchanges.


10 Billion coins were issued, and have a value of 1 cent or less (depending on where you buy them). The Tokens are available for sale within Tagcash Wallet, or within the Stellar decentralized exchange. Approximately 1 Billion TAGX are in circulation, with 9 Billion held by Tagcash. Any company can use TAGX, using the open REST API within Tagcash (developer.tagcash.com), for rewards, for advertising payments (per view, per action etc), or as a micropayment method where the amounts do not make sense using conventional payment methods.

SOME HISTORY - Tagcoin was originally created in 2013 as a PoW/PoS cryptocurrency clone of Novacoin, which itself was a clone of Peercoin. Users of the old currency can burn their currency, and receive 10 new Stellar TAGX for every 1 old TagCoin, via the Tagcash Wallet. There was an intermediate currency created on Stellar for Tagcoin, using the TAG code, but this is being phased out - any holders of TAG currency can send their balance to the TAG Issuer address (GDF75JL7X2XEQL5K743XKNU74CHGAVMZP666BANSC67IHFMAHTC6TEVP) to burn them and TAGX for the same value will automatically be sent back to the senders address (Make sure that you have enabled a trustline for TAGX to your address before burning the old Tagcoin). Alternatively, just send your old TAG to your Tagcash Wallet account and it can be sent back out as TAGX.

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Tagcash is a digital wallet developer and platform, building blockchain solutions on Distributed Ledger Technology. Tagcash is regulated by the central bank of the Philippines (BSP), and is authorised as an Electronic Money Issuer (EMI)

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